You Are (My Everything)

Brandon and Grace
Brandon and Grace


You Are (My Everything)


Blue skies up above me

Green trees all around me

But when I look all I see 

The wonders of Your hands

Light skin Dark skin Brown Tan

Different shades all Human

Crafted in Your image 

All held in Your hand


Great God

Maker of all creation

King of all the nations

Healer of my heart

You are You are You are

Creator I long to make You greater

Be my life my savior

My all in all 

You are You are You are

My Everything


Jesus had a mission

To Love without condition

God please clear my vision

And let me see the truth

That all things are made only 

Just to give You glory

So help me see You solely

In everything I do


You Are (My Everything) Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

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