Work of Your Fingers

Brandon and Grace
Brandon and Grace


Work Of Your Fingers


Oh Lord Oh Lord

The majesty of Your name fills the Earth

Your Glory is Higher than the Heavens

Your Glory is Higher than the Earth


I look at the Sky and see the Work of Your Fingers

The Moon and Stars You have set in Place

What are mortals that You should think of Us 

Mere Humans that You should care for Us


I Thank You Lord Thank You Lord 

With all of My Heart

You Have done Great Things

And I'll be filled with Joy because of You

And I will sing praises to Your Name


The Lord is a Shelter for the Oppressed

A Refuge in Times of Trouble

Those who know Your Name Trust in You Lord

You never Leave those who Search for You


Work Of Your Fingers Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing



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