Real. Raw. & Acoustic

by Brandon and Grace Thompson

Released 10/17/2014
Released 10/17/2014
A collection of original songs by Brandon and Grace from the heart of their lives together unto the Lord done intimately with Brandons acoustic guitar and Graces Voice. This will surely bless you with Gods presence.
  • 04:41 Lyrics The Joy Song

    The Joy Song


    So much love, so much love, so much love

    That you pour out, that you pour out

    So much joy, so much joy, so much joy’s

    In my heart now


    It overflows with happiness and peace

    And thankfulness for what you’ve done for me

    I see much clearer now, the blinders are gone

    I lift my voice and give you, a joyful song, oh

    I sing your praise and glory all day long

    Your goodness your mercy your joy

    They make me strong, you make me strong

    In this dark world, let me be your light

    Fill me up so only you will shine

    The Joy Song Copyright 2014. BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

  • 03:29 Lyrics Hallelujah



    Today and yet tomorrow

    I’ll sing your praise

     Through my joy and sorrow

    I’ll sing your praise

     And though I’ll never know

    The price you paid

     I know you gave it all

    For my sake


     And though the test will come

    I’ll sing your praise

     You gave me strength to run

    I’ll sing your praise

     It’s a place I’ve never been

    But you’ve seen my fate

     I was born to overcome

    In your name

     And I’ll say




     Your majesty conceals me

    I’ll sing your praise

     Your royalty reveals me

    I’ll sing your praise

     Your love illuminates

    The darkest sky

     Your voice resonates

    Deep inside

     And I’ll say



     Hallelujah Copyright 2014. BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing 


  • 04:37 Lyrics I Will Rise

    I Will Rise

    This is my heart broken

    This is my heart longing for you

    This is my soul burning

    This is my face turning toward you

     You take my charred heart

    And turn it into beauty

    And whisper warm words

    Pouring healing oil right through me yeah

     This is my voice quaking

    This is my world shaking for you

    This is my ear listening

    This is my love spinning for you


    And I will rise

    Up from the ashes oh yeah

    I've been knocked down

    But wont stay bound anymore

    I place my hands

    In your hands Lord Jesus

    You take me higher and higher and higher

    Than I've been before


    I Will Rise Copyright 2014. BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

  • 04:19 Lyrics Psalms 25

     Psalms 25

     To you oh Lord, I lift up my soul

    In you I will trust, Oh my God

     Don’t let me be put to shame

     Or let my enemies triumph over me

     No one whose hope is in you

    Will ever be put to shame 


     Show me your ways, Oh Lord 

     Teach me your path, guide me in your truth Lord

     Teach me for you are my God and my Savior

     My hope is in you all the day long

    The Lord is good and upright

    He guides the humble in what is right

    Those who fear Him He will confide

     Ever on you Lord I set my eyes

    On You set my eyes


     Psalms 25 Copyright 2014. BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

  • 04:33 Lyrics Tell Me Bout Jesus

    Tell Me Bout Jesus


    I gotta know this very hour

    Gotta know He gives me power over all the pain I'm in

    Have to know that when I slumber

    Have to know His hand I'm under He gives peace and rest within

    Gotta know that in this battle

    Gotta know He broke the shackles I have victory in Him

    Have to know though life has torn me

    Have to know that He is for me and that in the end I win


    Somebody Tell Me Bout Jesus

    Tell me that He's my friend

    Tell Me How His Goodness and Mercy Never Ends

    Somebody Tell Me Bout Jesus

    And His Amazing Grace

    How He's My Hope and Future and Life Beyond This Place

    Somebody Tell Me Oh Please Tell Me Tell Me Bout Jesus


    Gotta know His love for nations

    Gotta know He's my salvation from this wicked world I'm in

    Have to know my cross He bore it

    Have to know He thinks I'm worth it

    and that He'd do it all again


    Oh there's power in the name of Jesus

    Oh speak the name of Jesus

    Somebody Tell Me Yeah

    Tell Me Bout Jesus Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

  • 02:20 Lyrics Ready



    Ready to Praise

    Ready to Clap

    Ready to Sing

    Ready to Dance

    Ready to Move for You My King


    I'm Not Gonna Let the Worries of This Life Pull Me Back

    I'm Just Gonna Let the Glory of Your Light Direct My Path


    And Get Up Get Up Into a Higher Place

    Look Up Look Up and Gaze Upon Your Face

    I'm Just Gonna Stand Up Stand Up on What You Promised Me

    Yes I Believe I Have the Victory


    Cause With You I Know I'm Destined to Win

    Your Life and Homes Inside So Greatness is Within Me


    Ready Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing


  • 06:49 Lyrics Dive In

    Dive In


    I'm Wading Out In The Water

    Engulfed By Your Love Abba Father

    You Hydrate My Heart in Your River

    The Spring of Your Well I'll Deliver Yeah

    I'm Not Satisfied Anymore

    With Just Water on The Shore

    The Old Man Has Got To Go Under

    So Baptize Me Deep With Your Thunder


    Dive In Dive In Cover My Head Let Healing Begin

    Dive In Dive In Your Blood Washes Me and Frees Me From Sin

    Submerge Me Again


    Into the Deep Into the Deep

    I've Come To a Place 

    Stepping Out On Faith

    Leaving the Dock Where I Felt Safe

    Trusting In You I'm Ready to Move

    Over the Seas and

    Into the Deep Into the Deep


    Dive In Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing


  • 04:42 Lyrics Great Love

    Great Love


    All my Love is fond of You

    All my Love responds to You

    All my Love's confirmed by You

    All my Love is here for You

    All I know is Love untamed

    All I know is Love unashamed

    All my Love is Pure and True

    All my Love is here for You


    All this Great Love's Consuming

    All this Great Love is Filling

    All of the void with Healing

    All this Great Love's for Me


    Great Love Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

  • 04:03 Lyrics Work of Your Fingers

    Work Of Your Fingers


    Oh Lord Oh Lord

    The majesty of Your name fills the Earth

    Your Glory is Higher than the Heavens

    Your Glory is Higher than the Earth


    I look at the Sky and see the Work of Your Fingers

    The Moon and Stars You have set in Place

    What are mortals that You should think of Us 

    Mere Humans that You should care for Us


    I Thank You Lord Thank You Lord 

    With all of My Heart

    You Have done Great Things

    And I'll be filled with Joy because of You

    And I will sing praises to Your Name


    The Lord is a Shelter for the Oppressed

    A Refuge in Times of Trouble

    Those who know Your Name Trust in You Lord

    You never Leave those who Search for You


    Work Of Your Fingers Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing



  • 03:09 Lyrics You Are (My Everything)

    You Are (My Everything)


    Blue skies up above me

    Green trees all around me

    But when I look all I see 

    The wonders of Your hands

    Light skin Dark skin Brown Tan

    Different shades all Human

    Crafted in Your image 

    All held in Your hand


    Great God

    Maker of all creation

    King of all the nations

    Healer of my heart

    You are You are You are

    Creator I long to make You greater

    Be my life my savior

    My all in all 

    You are You are You are

    My Everything


    Jesus had a mission

    To Love without condition

    God please clear my vision

    And let me see the truth

    That all things are made only 

    Just to give You glory

    So help me see You solely

    In everything I do


    You Are (My Everything) Copyright 2014 BMI Brandon and Grace Publishing

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